GEIGER-PLUS! (I don’t even like Kamen Rider that much…)

I found the original pages for this two-pager I drew for a project that went nowhere like two years ago, figured I’d scan them. For some reason I was thinking about Tokusatsu (I think that’s how it’s spelled) KAMEN RIDER-eque stuff. hence GEIGER PLUS.

Anyway, I hope you like it.




Ressurection, ahoy!


So Stephen Garza and I have, very slowly, been working on a horror short starring my supernatural detective galore, Sir Ian Quarry! We’re in the final phases of work on this project, and I’m really excited to be able to show you a little of his pages for this.

Check them out after the cut; (more…)

Chapter 8 of BLACK INK, & where we stand

There’s a new chapter up in my Ben Miles serialized novella BLACK INK finally. Go see the 8th installment of the weirdness and lemme know what you think.

The initial plan for BLACK INK was a pretty ambitiously-plotted with a clear monthly schedule. I kind of went back over the plot and threw most of it out after I realized how bad it was. Combine that with other real-life commitments, and we get to where we are now.


Now, I don’t do this to totally excuse how this project sort of petered out into a sporadic posting, because I want to finish it up, I really do. There’s already a new outline as to the new stripped-down direction I want to go to finish up the story of Ben Miles and the missing comic strip art, so we’re good. Not golden, but good.

Anyway, yeah.

“I’m not invisible, I’m not invisible…”


So I got around to scanning and touching this up a little bit. It’s not for anyone or anything, just something I worked on last week because I felt like it. I like the way it came out digitally, the foreground stuff’s not great (I really feel like I rushed there), but overall I’m actually proud of it.

I was never really that interested in combining cartooning with my other big life influence (punk rock and hardcore) too much for some reason, although I don’t know why. My ‘zine work has been minimal at best and limited mostly to writing, I never drew fliers (though I didn’t really start drawing until I was “out of the scene” at one point or whatever), so doing this piece and working on something else with a friend of mine (possibly a zine/minicomic thing) has me definitely thinking about the ways that the two overlap.

In case you can’t tell, I overthink a lot.