It’s here, the ultimate collection no one wanted about New York’s most “ehh” private eye and bail bondsman, Ben Miles! Collecting every single Ben Miles story available, from the original “Running The Train” novella and some new never-before-seen mysteries, this volume has it all, from the Midwestern Mafia in Cleveland to the sex trade in Queens, New York and every punch and clue in between.

He’s not the best fighter or the smartest investigator, but private eye and sometimes-bail bondsman Ben Miles is lucky enough to have some decent instincts, smarter friends, and the good (or bad?) luck to sometimes be in the right place in the right time. Hopefully that’s enough to deal with what he gets himself thrown into when small and weird cases blow up in his face.

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A collection of previously-released and all-new nonfiction by writer and academic Costa Koutsoutis, writing about life, nerd culture, punk subculture, the complexities of immigrant families, and more. From video games to grappling with what it means to “be a man”, LIGHTNING CRASHES HERE is a look back at a writing path that started over fifteen years ago.

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