Check out my new ebook short story collection, “Breathing Ghosts”!


“Breathing Ghosts” is a collection of unique and different ghost stories from writer Costa Koutsoutis. Ghosts and the unknown play a part in all of these stories, from comforting spirits to horrific forms that we cannot name.

So I finally finished and put this little tiny short story collection, Breathing Ghosts, which is out now and available on Smashwords for $0.99!

I’m pretty stoked for this to be honest, even though it’s just a little bitty thing. Hope you guys enjoy it, and let me know what you think!

Bros Before Prose

I’ve been trying to consciously read more nonfiction these days, or rather…just read more in general. I’ve been lax in reading, which is another reason I started doing the Walking With Books thing, to get me reading more.

Also, I’ve been wanting to try and be a little more positive on the Internet, and embrace that there is good stuff out there and good writers and artists who are working hard to get their voices heard. So with that in mind, here are some rad people I’ve been reading online recently.


Matt Maxwell – Just…evil. Evil and smart and when I grow up I wanna be Matt. Also I’m pretty sure he’s got better taste in music than me.

Alyssa Rosenberg – A culture columnist at the Washington Post, I was recently introduced to her work and it’s been bringing me back to the Post after deciding that their lax editorial oversight on clearly garbage conservative hate-baiting writing was something to motivate me to stop reading it.

Jack Feerick – He was on Jeopardy, did you know that? I did not. Also a great writer, critic, and theorist. My literary knowledge pales in comparison and his fiction work is great as well.

Thacher Cleveland – I’ve known Thacher online through various comics communities for…fuck…a while now, but it’s a little eerie how much we have in common taste-wise. He’s a comic book writer, a novelist and short story writer, and is a really good horror novelist. I’m actually working w/him on one or two things in the near future, you should check him out.

Sean Collins – Probably my favorite journalist to get into recently. Just bitingly-on point on multiple levels about music, about TV, and about comics. He wrote one of my favorite pieces of nonfiction recently, “The Four Worst Types of TV Critics” for The Observer. Go read it.

Dave Hopkins – Dave is one of those guys like Thacher that I’ve been following online forever and who delves into prose, comics, and nonfiction writing, so I’ll just always enjoy his voice. He’s got good taste, a unique viewpoint, and covers a range of topics from comics to burlesque history to sports to composition to beer to social media.

Hey, “Walking With Books” is available to enjoy!

I launched a humorous little project, “Walking With Books”, that you should check out. You can find it here.

There is a little lending library in my neighborhood that I discovered when we moved here, a bookshelf by the subway station that just says “take a book leave a book”. Last month I dropped off a bunch of books there I rescued from being thrown out at work, but one day while out and walking I decided to just pop on by and see exactly what was available.

It’s crazy.

There are so many weird and bad and obscure things, I thought it’d be cool to just grab one, see what it was, and do a little write-up on it. So here we are. Enjoy. There’ll be another one soon.

“Save Changes”

So I’ve got something simple and new going on. Check out Save Changes, a serialized biweekly mystery series, prose told in chunks.

Check it out.

This was not my shirt, I realized, as I tried to get dressed for the client meeting.

It was black, with a left-side breast pocket, button-up, long-sleeved. Back in graduate school I’d have considered it a “dress shirt.” Now, as I was struggling to look halfway decent for a video conference with a client about a project, it was officially downgraded to “a clean shirt.”

Regardless, it was definitely not mine.


“Working Title”


So since I got a scanner again, I’m excited to finally be able to scan and throw artwork up online that isn’t just a photo from my iPhone.

I don’t really know what this is, it’s just a rough page I thought up. Working Title tends to be what I throw onto something as a holder title (not exactly original, I know), but once in a while, I’m gonna start doing something. It might be one-offs, it might be a story, but it’ll be a page I throw together in a free day, all under this one title.

So yeah, this is Working Title.