Still lookin’ for artists!

Update on the goings-on here at “Costa K Writes Things“;

I’m hard at work on stuff as well as school and my real paying job(s), so despite how often you see me on Twitter, I’m actually always writing and working, so don’t worry.  Also don’t forget, I’m still on the lookout for comic book artists and letterers!

I’ve got my single big project, a spy/comedy/action-style book who’s final draft is almost done and hoping I can put more sneak peaks up soon, and I’m also cranking out occasional mini-scripts (action, horror, etc) that I’m hoping to compile and maybe get drawn and released in some form, either a book or online!

If you’re an artist or a letterer, email me with some samples or links to a portfolio and we’ll see about working something out!  I’m hoping to create and get with publishing (probably self-publishing or small-time indie publishing) several projects in the upcoming year, so get that scanner crackin’, yo.


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