A little sneak peak…

So as I’m throwing myself into writing my first comic book, I thought I’d just share a few sneak peaks. If you’d been following me on Flickr or Fistfight At The Arthouse you might have seen these before, but whatever;

Watching TV and editing my first script draft, mostly story at this point with no real frame or page delineations.  I suck at reading long stuff off of a computer screen, so paper is my friend.

Notes attached to pictures I found and, and some that I took, for photo references.  I know jack-shit about anything, so Google is my best friend.  Alternately, it’s my infuriating neighbor.

The origins of the story, in my trusty Moleskine.  Stuff always starts either there or in MS Notepad on my computer, random doodlings/notes that evolve into a description and my own poor artistry skills to help me visualize stuff.

So yeah, there you go.


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