sound system soundtracks

Got some news coming soon.  In related news, someone asked me about soundtracks when it comes to writing comics, and it made me think.  My revised listening patterns actually have me more working with the TV on in the background while I write and edit, usually “COPS”, “Dirty Jobs”, or “The Golden Girls”.  But in thinking about it, I came up with some rough ideas of some of the bands I’ve been listening to while I’ve been working on this project, as well as some of the comics that have been helping me.


-Bob Mould’s Life And Times, Archers Of Loaf, The Beastie Boys, Aesop Rock, The Battle For Los Angeles by Rage Against The Machine, Jawbox, and Hot Water Music

-Greg Rucka’s Queen & Country, Public Domain & Public/Domain 2 artbooks by Brian Wood, and Matt Fraction’s The Annotated Mantooth


Not necessarily the CD’s I was listening to while writing this, like I said, but definitely the bands I’ve been rocking a lot since starting this “project”.  And in terms of those comics, they’re A) books with scripts and annotations in them, which has been a huge freakin’ help seeing as how I’d never written a script before, and B) some of my favorite writers, making them just general inspirations to me whenever I need a pick-me-up in a literal sense.

So there you go.


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