The Scariest Thing Ever

Seriously, this is one of the scariest things I’ve ever dealt with and faced.  That blank page and blinking cursor, waiting for that first word to end up there…*shivers*…

“The horror…THE HORROR!”

It’s October, I’m starting research on one or two new projects, just little stuff that’s in MS Notepad or in my Moleskine notebooks.

Also, I’m watching a lot of horror movies as I count down to my Halloween (the better half and I are going to see The Get Up Kids in concert) and start editing draft number whatever of my Master’s thesis (which I have been working on forever).

More Sharpie sketches, random news on The Underground, calls for artists, and all that jazz probably next week.  I’m still settling into the groove of this newer site, but I think I’ll probably be posting stuff about 3 times a week give or take.  Or whenever I feel like, we’ll see.  For now, I’m just getting through the day so I can go home and watch Community and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on TV with my girlfriend.


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