Don’t be so emu…


Yeah, I really don’t know why this came to me.  I don’t even really like giant birds, I think they’re freaky and remind me too much of dinosaurs.  Also, there’s no way my girlfriend would ever let me get a giant bird as a pet.  Especially if we can’t eat it in a delicious fried and battered form.

The best advice I’ve gotten about writing and improving my craft was to just keep writing.  Still, never hurts to try and expand your horizons.  Which is why this past year I’ve been trying to expand my writing skills in different ways.  I just finished reading Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, which is an amazing book about the very nature of comics, art, composition, stuff like that.  I started working with editors more aggressively, which really helps out.  I’ve also been poking my nose into other writers’ blogs and Twitter feeds to see what their brains do while writing and researching.

And of course, I got some basic writing books because my grammar and sentence structure can be atrocious.  Why use four words when two will suffice?

OK, back to the grind of watching TV and catching up on sleep and hoping it doesn’t get too cold tonight.


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