Get Wicked


Sketching and ripping off Calvin & Hobbes, basically.  I just love the way you can present fully functional chapters in a story in just 4 to 6 frames sometimes, or even just 2 frames.  Some of my favorite comics are still classic newspaper strips.

Working on Mayhem & Cuddles, academia, a rash of bands sending me records to review, and bill-paying work keeps me from doing much else (like the 4 other project folders in my laptop’s “WRITING” desktop file), but I still would like to start working on something else relatively “big” as The Underground is being worked on.


Oh well.  Until then, check out The Abominable Charles Christopher, a weekly webcomic from the amazing Karl Kerschl.  I found it because one of my favorite artists Skottie Young just did a guest strip.  Also, don’t forget some awesome new comics like Greg Rucka’s Stumptown and Stephen Lindsay’s Jesus Hates Zombies volume 3!

Until next time, boys and girls…


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