Who to the what now?

Doing a lot of academic work this past week, so expect regular transmissions here, Fistfight At The Arthouse, and Mayhem & Cuddles to resume after the Thanksgiving weekend when things will hopefully calm down a little bit.

If you’ve contacted me about reviews and haven’t heard anything from me in a while I’m sorry, I’ve been tired and busy and sleep deprived, so some stuff takes a backseat compared to academics, real work, stuff like that.  I’ve also been trying to teach myself how to be all web-savvy and use Tumblr, which I don’t feel like sharing, though you could probably find if you looked hard enough.  I can say though that I recently saw a page from The Underground from Mike and it’s exciting to seem your ideas fully drawn out like that.

Anyway, I’ll be ignoring the Internet this holiday weekend. Have fun, don’t kill yourselves driving to visit relatives you can’t stand tomorrow.


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