Stuff & a first look at “The Underground”

So I got engaged last night, I asked my beautiful and amazing girlfriend to marry me and she said yes.  Pretty rad, n’est pas? (that’s me showing off that I went to college and speak two languages!)

Anyway, back to the serious business (NO FUN HERE!) of comics and whatnot.

There’s some more Mayhem & Cuddles up now, with part 2 of our exhaustive coverage of the Christmas season posted.  I’ve got a few more to whip up and post, and then it’ll be a little silent on this end as I take a real break and celebrate the season by killing and eating a teenage runaway.

Also, I’ve got a few sneak peeks at “The Underground”, the comic book being done by me and artist Mike Howell!!  I’ve been slowly seeing a few pages here and there, so I figured I’d share a few snippets of what we’ve got going on.

I’m really excited that this is actually happening.  Hopefully in the near future I’ll have a few completed pages to put up as a proper preview.  Anyway, for now, this should give you a taste of what Mike and I are working on.

Hope you guys enjoyed that totally crytpic and somewhat useless look, and keep on comin’ back!


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