Ohio, Xmas, The New Year, & Yer Mom

Oh hey look, I’m updating once more before 2010.  Oh well.

So I’m back in NY from a vacation in Ohio with my fiancee, seeing her folks for Christmas this year.

We travel by train when we can, because it’s rad, you get to be in relative comfort and see a lot of very cool scenery outside the windows.  Yeah, it’s a lot longer than flying, but trying to fly around Christmas is like asking to get punched in the back of the head after you throw up from food poisoning.  I’ll trade that for a nice smooth ride that just happens to be 9 hours long.  I’ve been on a 9-hour airplane flights with way less room so this was a picnic.  Anyway, it was an amazing trip, the both of us needed a vacation like this before coming back to NY facing the rest of the holiday season and getting back to work.

That’s us on Christmas.  We’re pretty rad, when it comes down to it.  And ending 2009, a thoroughly shitty and exhausting year, in a better place than we were at the beginning of it, despite the insanity of the past month or so.  We’re engaged, kicking ass, making comics, going to school, and in general making you jealous.

Thanks to everyone for the M&C love, the other blog and project support, the comments (the positive anyway), and the friendships.  I will be enjoying some fine company, some fine spirits and Korean food,and some fine “3 Stooges” marathoning on TV tonight.  Have a happy New Year’s Eve!


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