Because no one demanded it!

Because I like showing off;

I like to think that I’ve figured out a few tricks so far.  Come a long way since this, and as bad as it might be (at least in my eyes, it’s gotten batter.  Or worse.

Idea-wise, more or less everything that you see here has happened to us in some aspect, or is some sort of inside joke between us.  It’s usually a matter of either Tessa or myself remembering it for it to then get translated into the latest in the masterpiece that is Mayhem & Cuddles.  We’ve also both read enough comics and read & written enough scripts (both comics and film) to know how to pace/figure stuff out.

I used to just use Sharpies and gel ink pens to draw the little doodles that became M&C, but then one day at the art store I actually bought a starter set of manga pens/markers with a pencil and eraser, which is basically my “tool kit”.  I like the mechanical pencil and one of the manga pens has a Sharpie-like tip but a lot softer, which I like a lot for doing thicker panel outlines.

Paper-wise, I just use whatever the generic drawing pads are, and then we throw ’em up onto Irfanview and MS Office Picture Manager to touch up a bit.

So there ya go.  How I make this tawdry and second rate-looking webcomic.

Anyway, the upcoming “arc” of Mayhem & Cuddles is going to be the story of my proposing to Tessa, so head on over there to check it out.


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