Don’t Forget…

We’ve got a contest running here at Camp Mayhem & Cuddles that you should check out!

Also, if you’re a Facebook nerd, you can be friends with Mayhem & Cuddles and Fistfight At the Arthouse on there.  I was working on the M&C Facebook for a little bit last night, actually.

I also started a new strip last night that will probably be up this week.  I really like it and if you know us, you’ll agree that it’s 100% true.

Anyway, I’m behind on reading stuff, the last thing I’ve read was re-flipping through Action Philosophers!.  However, something that came out yesterday and being a huge fan of the previous book, I feel the need to pimp like crazy and mention.

Chris Schweizer‘s Crogan’s March, the second book in “The Crogan Adventure Series” for Oni Press, is finally out!  I’m a huge fan of the first book, Crogan’s Vengeance, and the idea for the series is just so amazing.  I love his historically-precise writing and his amazing black-and-white art, and it comes in great hardcover editions.  You know what?  You should just get both of them.

Uhm, that’s about it for now I guess.  Doing a lot of academic work and looking for freelance gigs and at wedding stuff, that’s about it personal-wise.  Also, I’m slowly trying to get the ball rolling on writing another project, but I really don’t want to add more stuff to my plate.

Anyway, stay posi!


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