I got the crave

Today’s soundtrack;

This is what it looks like in my office today;

It’s definitely the kind of day where you listen to lots of hardcore and pretend to slamdance around in your cubicle.

OK, enough goofing off.  But I sent something off yesterday that I hope is done, I got a chunk of a Mayhem & Cuddles strip that’s sort of detailed and big done last night, and it’s been a week of all-round highs and lows and frustration at Camp Mayhem & Cuddles, so I’m a little “Thank Fucking God It’s Friday” loopy.

I wanted to mention this yesterday, but I forgot.  So the totally rad Liz Suburbia has the second part of her new comic Sacred Heart up at her blog, you should definitely check it out.  She’s a “trOO punx” and an amazing artist, and I still count her old webcomic Hey Suburbia! as one of my absolute favorites.

Anyway, hope you have a good weekend, don’t forget about our Muppets contest with a chance to win some CD’s and exclusive personalized strips!


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