Ready to rumble…

You know you want it…the first glimpse of Super Secret Fun project that I’m really excited to start once I make a few decisions about format…

Also, since we’re being honest, a not-all-that-rare glimpse of the artist in his domicile. I’m so plaid it hurts sometimes;

Tess took this to highlight to her dad just how awesome I am. Also, to highlight just how high I wear my pajamas like Erkel.

There’s a Mayhem & Cuddles strip coming up soon about those pajamas incidentally, which I have had probably since 9th grade.  It’s epic.  I bought that shirt at a thrift store one day while wandering around.  I’m pretty sure someone died in it, because it was the only item of clothing in the thrift store that wasn’t XXXL and stretched out to the extreme, so it wasn’t given away due to someone not fitting in it anymore. That only leaves one other option…wow, I totally creeped myself out now.

Anyway, yeah, that’s about it.  Also, that show How To Make It In America that’s on HBO? Is that what people think being in NYC is really like?


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