Technical Difficulties & Explosions

As lame as it sounds, a hectic schedule is sort of leaving me no time to go buy paper to draw stuff on, especially now that I’m considering transitioning towards proper 11×17 Bristol Board like a “pro”. So that’s why Mayhem & Cuddles is being slow, as is my next project.

Also, in a semi-related note, I’m more than likely “killing off” Waffles. I can’t really think of new ideas for it, and I feel sort of bad for more or less ripping off Calvin and Hobbes.  Also, I don’t want the burden of “having” to do a strip every so often when I’m trying to do a bunch of other stuff at the same time that comes to me easier.

In somewhat hilarious personal news, there was an explosion of sorts a few nights ago in the ‘hood, which sounded like a combination of a fire and gunshots but turned out to be an underground fire.  In less-hilarious news, the resultant cleanup and general milling about by the fucking annoying masses kept us up, so I went about the next day running on a few snatched hours’ worth of sleep and about 5 cups of coffee.

Anyway, keep your ear to the ground, I’ve got stuff coming, I promise.  Peace out.


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