Seriously though, here are random pages from the dinky little sketchbook I carry around and doodle in at night while watching TV.

I don’t know why I drew a young me with a head like a light bulb, and then made a drawing table with a crank on the side like a torture rack, but yeah, whatever. That is what artists do right, complain about how they’re unappreciated?  Kidding…I started doodling two guys, “Artist” and “Writer” who just show up in doodles, and they make a comic strip and bitch about it.  Guess which one’s featured above!

Also, Nosferatu looked nothing like that.

Some sort of comics are coming through the rest of the week, although who knows as I’m trying to get back into the habit of going to the gym regularly again.

In food-related news, our friends came over this past weekend for movie and beer night and brought veggie pie with rutabaga in it that was FUCKING AMAZING. Seriously, I probably could have eaten the whole thing myself, and the pie was the size of a small basketball.

Great, now I could really go for a pie…


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