The wins just keep on coming…

Once again, a positive review I did for a band makes me sound weird.  Last time it was me sounding like a sexual deviant.  This time, I just sound like a hipster dick;

I swear to God that wasn’t meant to sound like such a “OH MY, I NEVER EXPECTED PAPER THE OPERATOR TO NOT SUCK!” I really liked their album.

Oh well, whatever.  And no, I swear this isn’t going to evolve into me showing off wherever I find my name mentioned.

There are more TV and comic book stuff and music reviews up and coming up at FFATAH, including an actual essay that isn’t just an incoherent rant about how much I fucking hate punk rockers or something.  Also, I’m eagerly anticipating consistent spring weather, and for to deliver ATOMIC ROBO vol.2 and Chelsea Handler’s new book “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” to my doorstep this week.  Tessa and I are seeing her perform around my birthday.

Later, fools.


One thought on “The wins just keep on coming…

  1. Haha hey man, I changed the quote: “A really surprising level of intricacy…I definitely see it getting multiple playings in the upcoming months.” Jason

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