Better late than never…

So remember when I did a contest involving the Muppets?

Anyway, I finally got around to putting this together. The very enthusiastic Kevin Dunn wrote to me and ended up winning because hey, he likes Rolf and he likes Mayhem & Cuddles so he gets a customized strip. Here’s how he won;


First off, the dude could play a mean piano. Even with those big, clumsy Muppet paws of his. And he was so smoooooth. He was always smother than silk with the female guests that would duet with him. And not in a lecherous, sexual way that was inappropriate for the young kids watching. But in a way that role-modeled how to be cool, relaxed and debonair. He had a great sense of humor, with a nice heart laugh — one that didn’t grate on you like some of the other Muppets had (no disrespect to Fozzy intended). While the other Muppets had their quirks and hang-ups, Rolf always seemed to be the center of cool. The other musicians may have acted cool, they usually did so in a loud, attention-grabbing way. Rolf didn’t need to showboat. He oozed cool. Plus, the dude had heft. He had girth. I respected that.

Here are a few sneak peeks at what his prize looks like;


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