Catching up…

I managed to get to the scanner with this little thing, so my love of “Dog The Bounty Hunter” is now even more glaringly obvious.

Fistfight At The Arthouse is sorta bumpin’ these days, I’ve got a few things up there including long-overdue music reviews and some comic book reviews as well.  I’m trying to maintain a level of output.

Other than that?

I’ve been fighting with my work computer, which is really a centuries-long fight between man and machine he’s not allowed to tinker with to make JUST the way he wants like his home PC.  However, I am loving Windows 7 on my new home laptop that I got a few months ago.

I’m still on trying to make time for making comics, fighting with the urge to constantly tinker with the layout and themes of this site and my other stuff like FFATAH, and of course, working on getting a wedding together!

We had some out-of-state friends over last night, including the very tall and awesomely nerdy Dabe, that turned our apartment into Christmas morning with all the boxes from vinyl toys they picked up in Manhattan.  It was pretty rad.  Save for a few people around here, a majority of our friends don’t live in New York City and we don’t get to travel that much, so it’s always awesome to see friends and meet new people that end up friends.

So yeah…have an awesome weekend, hopefully I’ll be able to pull together and get some Mayhem & Cuddles done for next week.  I have a few strips thumbnailed and thought up already, which is, in all honesty, the hardest part.


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