Back on the airwaves

I’ve been really lazy about updating the printer driver and my word processor or something like that on my laptop, so I’ve been unable to get strips and art scanned and only my computer. But I got that all fixed for now, so Mayhem & Cuddles is back!  Check out the latest strip.

Sorry it’s been a while since the last strip, but like i said (and if you know me in real life as you’ll remember) I’m terrible at technical stuff.  Took me a while to summon the nerve to try and get the reinstall discs for stuff and then sit down to try and fix stuff.  But I came home early from work today and took a crack at it on a whim, which I guess paid off.  Guess half-days for being sick work on to my benefit!

Pretty quiet around here when it comes to Tess and I, we’re putting together plans for this summer, I’ve been writing a lot of miniscripts and sketching, and of course as always, school work.  Good thing we’re both already insane and homicidal, because otherwise it might drive us crazy!

Anyway, now Mayhem & Cuddles is gonna get back on track, and of course we’re still semi-regularly-broadcasting here, BBQ Rex, and Fistfight At The Arthouse.  So keep checking in!


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