BBQ Rex and a few other things

My NSFW/NSFL comic project BBQ Rex is coming to an end.  And by “coming to an end”, I mean I’m not going to be doing it any more. Three strips is all I had in me, I’m afraid.

I initially saw it as a way to do a funny little “id”-driven comic where black insult humor could flourish around the awesome visual of a dinosaur at a barbecue grill.  Unfortunately, in practice it hasn’t really worked. Other work, like academia and doing Mayhem & Cuddles, gets in the way a lot.

Also, I hate to say it because it’s rubbing away the veneer of bad-ass Internet asshole that I’m trying to cultivate, but I feel really bad writing insulting jokes that I feel are “supposed” to be in the vein of BBQ Rex.  So I’m basically going to give in to being a good person and just stop now, consider this a failed experiment in comics.  But hey, comics is basically a history of weird experiments that sometimes work and sometimes just end up being big ol’ personal manifestos.

In more uplifting news, I’m thinking of starting one or two more strips more in the vein of stuff that comes to me easier, we’ll see.  I’m slowly setting up strips, format, and web presences, but I’ll announce them when I’m “ready” to, or at least am comfortable enough to.


Why yes, that is a Bill Plympton up on the wall.  And yes, those are my hella sweet guns.

Yeah, found this in a store a few weeks ago…sorta cracked me up.

Anyway, so keep checking back here or follow me on Twitter and I’ll eventually announce something.  See ya around!


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