Friends & Family

Wanna know who I really like on the Internet and where I spend a lot of time when I’m viewing that deliciously stupid World Wide Web?  No?  TOO BAD!

If you didn’t already know, my fiancee Tessa writes about movies for a living, which is pretty awesome. Admit it, you’re jealous as fuck.

I’ve really been loving the articles at Comics Alliance these days, it’s my new place to kill a few hours reading and crying from laughing.

Same goes for Mike Sterling’s site Progressive Ruin, though I’ve known about him for a bit longer.

Semi-related to Comics Alliance?  I love Adam WarRock & The Infinity Watch.  Which is connected to CA because Eugene WarRock and CA’s Chris Simm do War Rocket Ajax, my new favorite podcast.

I’ve really been liking Kevin Czpiewski’s webcomics world, which are just so wonderfully weird. Plus, I’m jealous as hell he’s gotten the chance to combine comics and academia, which is sort of a dream of mine as well.

So yeah, if you have a minute & are looking for new places to lurk online, hit some of them up!


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