Jeff Smith’s “BONE” and Free Comic Book Day

I celebrated Free Comic Book Day by going to Forbidden Planet here in NYC, and picking up a bunch of stuff with Tessa.

We were sort of late to the party and our favorite shop is Forbidden Planet in Manhattan, and they ran out of FCBD stuff at noon to give out.  Regardless, everyone there was super-nice as always in terms of helping us find stuff, talk to us about recommendations, stuff like that.  I always seem to end up talking to the staff or getting quality recommendations whenever I’m at FP, which is probably my favorite part of going there.

The idea is so amazing in spreading the comic book love and encouraging people to shop at comic book stores as opposed to online shopping or going to Borders or Barnes & Noble.  I feel pretty rad having participated even a little bit.

Anyway, we came away with out a pretty sweet haul. We got the deluxe complete edition of Ghost World, Risers, the Vertigo crime novel Filthy Rich, Mesmo Delivery, and the super giant-sized version of Jeff Smith’s Bone.


Like seriously, wow.

I’ll have a more formal review up online at FFATAH in the upcoming week or two, but I just wanted to mention it how amazing this was and how much I enjoyed reading it.  I swore to myself that when I started out I’d try to only read bits per night so I could enjoy it over a period of like a week, but I was so entrenched that I powered through it.  I haven’t read a giant text like that in a long time.

Anyway, got a bunch of stuff coming up in the next few weeks I’ll mention as they come up, so stay tuned.


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