introducing “LET SLEEPING DOGS…”

I’ve started a new weekly webcomic project, called Let Sleeping Dogs… . Check it out,enjoy it, let me know what you think.

I’m trying to play with the limits of free websites/blogs in terms of publishing comics online, so Let Sleeping Dogs… is on Blogger as of right now.  Whether or not it remains there or I get a URL of its own remains to be seen, I’ll post it if I do.  Also, as of right now it’s a one-panel deal, sort of like The Far Side or early Non-Sequiter (it’s not like either of those comics), but that might change in the future as well.

This is mostly another outlet for me to make comics and experiment with a slightly different cartooning/bad art skills style than is in Mayhem & Cuddles.  Anyway, I’m getting too much into this, so whatever, just check it out, hope you like it!


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