armchair writing

Read this great article from, about TV writers and writers’ rooms in TV writing and showrunning.  Then, go an start reading the comments, especially ones that crack jokes about writers getting out of “corners they’ve painted themselves out of”. Not all of the comments, but some.  Two in particular of course pop out at me, one from “lucky_you”;

Television writers seem so smart and interesting, but then one encounters their work — even work that they say is their favorite or the best they’ve ever had the pleasure to work on, etc. — and it’s just the same old television stories, same old dialogue, same old tricks. Where did the road collapse?

And one from “Rasselas”;

And you Ronald D Moore, what makes for a good ending?

“Well, I think it’s always a good idea to place angels at the end of a long sci fi yarn. This way, it keeps people talking and its a convenient way for writers to get out of the corner they painted themselves into.”

Maybe it’s just me, but somehow it just seems that once again, Internet commentators missing one of the points of the story, which is to highlight how hard it can be in TV writing, which is probably an even harder writing schedule than daily/weekly news writing, daily comic strip creating, or monthly comic writing.  I mean I know that I’ve done my fair share of criticism of TV shows I don’t like, but I know that in serial storytelling, continuity is a huge necessity that often, ties your hands when it comes to certain things.

I always give myself the giggles thinking about the types of output that major commenter-critic types (in terms of original work) would actually create something when under a crunch like this.


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