So I didn’t make it past the preliminary round of the Washington Post contest (unsurprisingly), which leaves the pitch I did for them is sort of up in the air. I might post it here, I might give it its own place, or I might work on it and shop it around. We’ll see what happens.

You can go to the site to check out the contestants that did make it…or whatever. A few look interesting, but I hate to say it, some of them are less-than-stellar and I’m sort of surprised they got picked.

And that’s all the negative stuff I’m gonna say about that. It was a cool experience, a lot of people with more experience and talent than me were the judges, so…yeah.

An idea I’ve been batting around is seeing if anyone’s interested in creating some guest strips for Mayhem & Cuddles, like a week of guest strips to fill the void of my own lack of updates recently. If you’re a comic-er, email me at costakout@gmail.com and we’ll talk about something and about you doing a guest strip.

In other news, I am very tired. As I noted on Twitter yesterday, I poured coffee into my cereal that morning. I was so tired in fact, that this blog post right here was started yesterday solely as something to do to keep me focused at my desk.

I’ve been really obsessed with fictionalized mecha/giant robots recently. To be more precise, my obsession that I had when I was 16/17 with giant robots/”mecha” has resurfaced. This of course I’m blaming on getting connected to Brandon Graham’s blog and his massive, anime- and manga-heavy art dumps. It’s a slippery slope of looking at cool pictures of giant robots battling in space that can quickly lead to secretly watching sneaked-in episodes of “Gundam” and “Full Metal Panic!” on Hulu.com when I’m at work.

I know, I know…my secret shame is that in high school and the early days of college I watched a lot of anime and read manga. Of course this leads us to the debate over the definition of manga and comics in the West…but I’ve only had two cups of coffee so far this morning and I’m not in the mood.

So yeah…slowly working on projects, doing Brightfuse columns/blogs, making comics…I MIGHT have something to mention in the upcoming months that’s big, but don’t wanna say more until that gets rolling.

Later, skaters.


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