Making Comics & Columns

I’ve been busy over at Brightfuse these days.  Go check that out if you’re interested in commentary on online publishing, the tools we  use when we create art, freelancing, Web 2.0 stuff, tips on being a better writer, my own history as a freelancer, and stuff like that.  My latest one is about how far you’re willing to go to defend your intellectual property against piracy.

I’m really enjoying being part of the Brightfuse team. It’s also gotten me back into the swing of making more formal multi-step notes and breakdowns of articles before I get to writing them, something I’ll admit to having fallen out of practice with. When I write for FFATAH or here it’s a little more informal, and at my last freelance position I didn’t need to put that much organization into my pieces because they were relatively short and to-the-point, information-wise. It makes me feel like I’m exercising my journalistic muscles, which is always a good feeling.

There’s still a general open call for guest contributions to Mayhem & Cuddles, if any youngling webcomic-types wanna contribute a guest strip to the webcomic I do about myself and my fiancee.  Email me at costakout (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.

Speaking of which, there’ll be new strip up on Monday, probably the best one I’ve ever drawn. I’m pretty proud of it, and have been fighting the urge to show it off early since I finished it.  It’s got a few stylistic “shifts” as I’ve been trying to streamline drawing characters in action, but nothing major.

In weirdly-related news that combines stuff, I manage a (still-small) comics community at Brightfuse called “Working On Comics”, a place for up-and-coming creators like myself to convene. If that doesn’t convince you to join…I’VE GOT COOKIES!


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