The return of “Waffles” and more?

…No, not really.  Just some random comics.

I was messing around this past weekend with drawing strips and pre-printed/made panels, I did these two and I realized how they could theoretically be new Waffles strips.  One at least is a possible future for the boy who would be my rip-off of Calvin and Hobbes, while the other’s just…something I randomly doodled today while working wit these pre-printed borders for strip panels.

Here’s a look at me about halfway through.  I was watching TV, which is always a good thing to have on in the background when I’m making comics. I think;

Anyway, go on and click on ’em to make them bigger-ish to read;

This isn’t an official Mayhem & Cuddles strip, but just something in the same vein and also from me working in pre-build panels. My obsession with newspaper comic strips has gotten out of hand I guess, whose sweet and easily-defined borders for the panels are oh-so-temptingly beautiful and call out to me…

Sorry…I got distracted. I’ve been incredibly obsessed with newspaper comics and the format these days, and I’ve even considered shelling out the money to joining Sherpa, the amateur but still high-profile wing of to distribute something of mine, which would allow for a huge audience and having my comic alongside stuff like Stone Soup and Dog Eat Doug and Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dog (which got discovered and syndicated through CoComics thanks to Sherpa!).

Click to embiggen;

I might try a few more of these because A) it’s surprisingly fun to try and figure something out with pre-set limits (in a weirdly perverse way I guess?) and B) I want to be able to do it more efficiently and obviously, I made a few flubs with these.  Part of the learning process of making comics, I guess.


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