Moving On.

Various things…


It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot in the past few years honestly, and with my Master’s degree finally done, our lease up at the end of the summer, and a few other things, we’ve decided it’s time.

We’ve sort of been split our time between New York and Ohio, but are going to make a transition to living full-time in Columbus, OH.  A beautiful city with a surprisingly-thriving indie film scene, the spiritual home of modern American cartooning, and more.  We’re pumped.

So yeah, if you’re looking to hire a teacher/writer/editor/office administrator in the Columbus, OH area, get in touch with me!  Also, get in touch with me if you’re lookin’ to get in touch with Tess about administrative/writer/film/online media-type.


The best place to follow me in any electronic sense is still Twitter, and thanks to the magic of my BlackBerry, I’ll still be active on there as we move.  It’ll also mean you can email me ( because I can check the web for that on my phone, so if you’re interested in contacting me, those two are the best ways to do it.

The glory that is Fistfight At The Arthouse, my personal pop culture/comic book/music blog is taking a bit of a break/hiatus/whatever until I can be comfortably settled into doing regular writing again (that means when we get Internet at our new place). Id feel worse about this but honestly, it’s free, it does eat up time.

Mayhem & Cuddles is still in the ethernet position of updating whenever I can get around to drawing and scanning and posting.  That means you might see a bunch of new strips between now and when we move, and you might not.  I guess that also means that the idea of a “hiatus” for the strip is sort of moot right now. Let’s just say updates will be a little slower than they already are, if that makes sense.


I just finished a guest strip for someone’s comic and that was actually the last comic I’ve drawn for a little while until we get resettled.  Once it goes up, I’ll be posting and letting you know where it is.  I”m excited about it because I’m a huge fan of this person’s comic work.  If he picks it up to use, then I will be so freaking excited. Probably haven’t been this nervous about something comic-related in a long time.

Also as of right now, I’m not accepting any more materials to review over at Fistfight At The Arthouse.  I’m a little behind on freelance work, especially music reviews, so I still need to catch up on the stack of CD’s that I have before I can accept any more music or comics to review.  I’ll still be writing over there (I have notes and other ideas for some pieces), but for now, no more reviews.

The apartment is piles of boxes and bins right now and it’s a little surreal.  Most of the pictures and posters and art are down from the walls, and the books outside of a few here and there are boxed up.  We unfortunately don’t have the space to constantly store everything, so we’re putting off packing absolutely everything until the last few days when we go into a full-on blitz of packing.  Tess and I are feeling a little surreal sitting in this apartment surrounded by piles of stuff while some of our furniture and things are still out. It’s very “half-finished life” or whatever.

Anyway, this is probably the last blog post until after we move, unless something comes up like the guest comic.  Wish us luck!


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