My first teaching experience

So I recently wrapped up my first ever teaching assignment. It was a really cool experience, something that I definitely learned a lot from and would like to keep doing.  Despite having never done it before, I felt very comfortable doing it, being up there talking about stuff like I’m an expert.

I guess I am an expert though, if you think about it.  Which I supposed had to be waved in my face when this very fortunate teaching opportunity came about.

Anyway, it was really gratifying, especially when I got called “Sir” the first time, giving my first mid-term exam (as opposed to just taking one of them), and then when students told me that my class was their favorite of the summer session so far.

The first real teaching experience I had was a project teaching 1st-graders when I was in high school, teaching how to write a report, and it made me really like being in academia.  This experience definitely helped add on to that to cement my love of teaching.

I can’t wait to do it again.


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