Moving Day

So we’re moved into our new place.  Goodbye New York City, and hello Ohio!

We packed up the car, the truck, and the U-Haul trailer, and caravaned from New York to Ohio, took a break for a few days at my future in-laws, and then re-packed and went to Columbus.

After a few twists and turns getting lost in the city before we found our new address, we spent Labor Day weekend unpacking everything, putting together the few pieces of new furniture, moving furniture, unpacking books and comics and DVD’s, putting pictures and art up (which is not done yet), cleaning up the kitchen…the usual.  There’s still a lot of work to do, but for now, we’re set.

It’s an adventure for the two of us, especially me, who’s lived most of his life in New York.  I did fall in love with Ohio when I fell in love with Tessa though, and it’s beautiful here.  Everyone is incredibly nice and neighborly to us, we live in a really wonderful ‘hood and are slowly getting settled in.

Other than that…I’ve been reading a lot of Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott.  Actually I’ve been reading a lot of newspaper comics online in general, tracking down strips I end up loving and going through their online archives.  Some of that is because of my ever-growing love of newspaper comics, but part of it is definitely because most of my books/comics were all packed for the move and I didn’t have access to them.  My laptop was the last thing to get packed, so webcomics/comics online have been all I’ve reading the past two months.

Anyway, I’m going to get back into the swing of making comics, blogging about my feelings, the life of a freelance writer, and writing articles about how Spider Man is stupid or whatever.  Stay tuned!


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