Part update, part placeholder…

I’ve been kicking around an update but just haven’t had the brainpower to scrape it together properly until now.



I’m alive and kicking over at Brightfuse and Fistfight At The Arthouse mostly since the move, in all their weird nerditude, freelance life, comics, and musical glories.  Tess is still full-bore at The Wild Geekdom, and is also working on a ton of academic work talking about media as well as music.  We’ve sat around a lot just going on and on about the lack of validity of the term “post-feminism”…it’s good times.



Comic-wise, I’ve been carving away at a new sketchbook to get my drawing chops back up to full level and might have something to show soon.  It might not be Mayhem & Cuddles related to be honest though, because for some reason I’ve found myself revisiting Waffles.  I don’t know why, really, some ideas have just come to me for that character and setting, so I brushed the dust off of my Calvin and Hobbes rip-off and cranked out 3 or 4 new strips that I’ll try to scan and resize at some point.

A few months ago I had an idea for a constantly-updating online project, a sort of academic e-notebook of comic book-oriented essays and articles.  The URL and a basic site layout are around, sitting there, but I’ve just never gotten around to writing anything for it because right as I got that set up, we started planning the move.  However, it might rear its head again soon since I have the time to write more these days, so you might end up actually seeing it in some format, even if the pieces meant for it show up somewhere else.



The new place is coming together really nicely, we’ve got the bedroom set up, the living room is about 95% done, the office is about the same, and the kitchen’s good too.  The one thing that we’ve kept on from our old NY habits is eating in the living room on the couch, but that’s just until we can get a table and chairs for the kitchen, then we’ll be good.  The art still needs to be hung and a ton of stuff has to be framed, but that’s not really THAT important.

Our new neighborhood is pretty amazing and historical, we’re enjoying getting settled in as residents of Columbus.  Everyone’s incredibly nice and neighborly, which is a HUGE change from living in New York, and there’s always something going on.

The only downside so far is that we’re on the job hunt still right now, so if you know about any leads or tips about writing, education, or media-related job openings in the Columbus area (or online remote work!), get in touch with me at


Anyway, I should probably shut down and go to bed.  More’s coming soon, like a photo tour of the new place, I’ll try to be more regular about posting stuff.  Twitter is always the best way to find me online, though I’ve also been getting a little more involved in Tumblr and using that to post quotes and pictures of cool stuff I find online.

Have a good weekend, punks.


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