gnomes and bookshelves

…if you haven’t been following my blogs over at, you definitely should. Alongside with Fistfight At The Arthouse, it’s where to find most of what I’m doing these days.  Lots of CD and comic reviews, as well as the usual spiel about freelancing, the art of  writing, and nerdy web stuff.

In a notebook upstairs in the office, I have notes for at least two more entries for The Comic Book As The Ideal In Storytelling, my weird comic academic essay project.  That takes more time than CD reviews and whatnot, so it’s always at the very very bottom of the pile.

Anyway, keep on ear to the ground, I’ll have a bunch of stuff coming out semi-regularly at all the usual outlets, I promise.  Mayhem & Cuddles will update again before Halloween (our one-year anniversary!) at least once, I promise.

The place is slowly but surely coming together, we put the office more together this past weekend when Tess’s parents came to visit us.  I’m hoping to hit up a few more beer tastings that are in the neighborhood (there’s one at the awesome coffeeshop/bar down the street soon).  We actually have a few action-packed weeks between now and Halloween, thinking about it.

Stay posi!


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