Just a few points…

*) I’ll be cutting back on my web nerdiness columns at Brightfuse in the near future.  You used to pretty much be able to find me there 3 times a week, but it’ll be down to probably just a few times a month now, maybe two or three at the most.

*) However, my Ohio-centric Examiner column is trying to rev back to a regular level of output, so if you’re interested in condensed comic news, subscribe to that. Like I’ve described it before, compared to say Fistfight At The Arthouse, this is less “pop culture” and more straight comic book news.

*) On a random point, Tess and I are very excited to get a chance to see “The Howling” this weekend as part of a Joe Dante tribute at a local theater. I love that movie, I’m a bit of a werewolf nerd, favoring “Dog Soldiers” and “An American Werewolf in London” over vampire stupidity (though Francis Ford Coppola’s “Bram Stoker’s DRACULA” is always a favorite).

I’m hoping to have a few cool announcements in the next few weeks, we’ll see how that ends up.  Hope you’re enjoying the Halloween season, I know I am.


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