More quick notes and updates

*) If you didn’t see me mention it on Twitter, is shutting down, so my column over there will be disappearing after that. It’s been fun, I greatly enjoyed writing about technology, the Web, freelancing, and the art of writing.

*) I’m still going strong at Fistfight At The Arthouse, as of right now that’s the few-times-a-week place to find me talking about whatever and everything.  There’s a bunch of comic and music and book reviews up there, and I’m trying to piece together some opinion editorials as well.

*) I always say that’s going to go “full-on”, but in truth it’s not regularly visited, but I swear I’m still at Examiner writing comic book news. I thought about making it reviews as well, but I’ve already established myself doing that at FFATAH, so no dice.

*) Halloween was the one-year anniversary of me starting Mayhem & Cuddles! This year, Tess and I went and saw “The Shining” on a big screen for the spookiest day of the year, and it was amazing, scaring us so bad that we have sworn to never see a Kubrick film in a theater ever again.

*) My sketchbook’s starting to bring with random doodles as I try to get back into the swing of making comics.  I have a bunch of thumbnails, sketches, experimental one-off strips, etc. I’ve honestly felt bad working on comics when I could be using the time to look for a real job, writing for pay, and getting acclimated with Columbus, but hopefully soon that will change and I’ll get back to making comics at a regular pace. So stay tuned!


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