Hey you! I drew and scanned some comics finally!

Well, to be more precise, these strips have been drawn for a while, they just needed to be cut to size (to fit on the scanner), scanned, and touched up a bit. If you don’t recognize him, that’s Waffles, a strip I did that was basically a tribute/ripoff of my beloved favorite comic of all time.

One of the projects that I wanted to do comic-wise when we moved to Ohio was to try and maybe reboot Waffles alongside continuing Mayhem & Cuddles. I also was entertaining the idea of pitching Waffles to a few of the smaller local papers  Sadly, it just didn’t pan out and come to, so all I have are these two new strips, which introduce the nameless father, and a redone version of an original (the first one I did, actually).

I cut and scanned all the strips finally after digging them out of the art storage bin under the desk. Man, I really wish I had a paper cutter…anyway, so yeah, here they are.  I don’t know if they’ll end up at the Waffles site (maybe the new ones), we’ll see.


One thought on “NEW COMICS HEY HEY

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