Artists I Love

I’ve been wanting to do a spotlight on artists and writers I love for a while now, but it’s hard.  Hard to not only summon the coherent brainpower to actually do it, but also hard to narrow down WHY specifically I like them.

I’ll try to do these once in a while here at my personal blog, which I feel like should be more than just me pimping my own wares periodically.

So anyway, here we go;

Chris Schweizer – I freaking adore Chris’s work.  He draws and writes the Crogan books, which are amazing, and his sketches on his blog always blow me away.  It’s almost entirely B&W work with very few gray shades, which gives his work an amazingly striking look.  Even his little joke autobiographical comics are awesome to look at.

Chris is a firm advocate for all-ages and Young Adult comics, and is also a history buff and fan of “classic” action/adventure stuff like Tintin and Indiana Jones, which makes him a rad dude in my book.  I always look forward to new art and new books from him.

Ryan Dunlavey – Ryan drew one of my favorite comics of all time, Action Philosophers!, which I still read regularly.  He’s also arguably one of the architects of Marvel Comics’ MODOK renaissance, with a great style that’s bright, animated, expressive, and works well both in color, B&W, or grayscale.

As more and more these days people realize that comics need to be FUN, Ryan’s part of that growing circle of comic book artists who have always embraced that and do art their own way, unapologetically.  Also an animator, he’s not afraid to stand up for what might get labeled as “too cartoony” art.  To which I say “fuck yeah, man!”.

The Brothers Czap – These two (artist/writers of Spoilers and Eat That Toast, respectively) are like Bá/Moon, comic book bros with amazing style and senses of humor.  Kevin’s got this fluidity and flexibility to his artwork that makes every page almost flow to life when you look at it.  His anthropomorphic illustrations that I’ve seen remind me of classic Muppets, which is a pretty amazing thing to pull off in my book.

Matt’s almost the opposite, a hypersimplistic and 2D style with very subtle little things that make it stand out as incredibly expressive. His real strength is being able to include all osrts of little things in there without overcrowding the panels or the clips (he’s an animator as well).

So there we go.  I know you see a pattern here in terms of these guys’ styles, but that doesn’t mean my youth loving Jim Lee-style superhero comics has been entirely killed off, I’ve just got a bit of a varied taste when it comes to comics.

I also want to help promote artists/writers/creators who are comparatively under the radar, because of the things that I love about the comics industry is that it’s all about being helpful and interested in making sure as many people find out about as many OTHER people as possible.  It’s incredibly open and inclusive and friendly, a tradition I want to participate in and encourage.


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