It’s a beautiful day…(new “Waffles” & writing comics)

OK, this wasn’t meant to be a U2 reference.  Honestly, I swear, I don’t even like U2!

Anyway, this was one of the batch of what I’m labeling “nu-Waffles” strips I’ve done since moving.  I didn’t like the writing on this one so it sat un-inked for a while. I just recently managed to rewrite it to satisfy my nitpicky mind.

The strip is also too big to fit onto my scanner bed because I didn’t measure it, so it’s been scanned and pieced back together frame by frame.

I’ll be honest, this is sort of a reshash of a Calvin and Hobbes strip I love (from many). I’ve been watching a lot of family sitcoms and reading a lot of “classic”-style comic strips dealing with family/group dynamics, because I’m looking at them as the basics of writing simple fast and short gags, the kind that you can find in a comic strip that’s only three or four panels.

I think it’s working, I’m liking my own writing more and more these days. I try not to rely too much on just reading other comics to learn how to write effectively, which I know that sometimes you as a comic writer can do sometimes without knowing any better.

Anyway, I’m not really satisfied with this strip as it looks on the computer screen, but as I try to work and get better at making comics, I feel like I need to share my progress and get some feedback on it.  Plus I need the inking and lettering practice.

It looks a lot better on paper as the original strip, honestly!  You’ll be able to see it at the Waffles Tumblr page in a few days when I get around to queuing it.


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