Website-related news

Two points;

– This one is nothing terribly major, but if you’re interested, I created a page to archive BBQ Rex and moved the strips there. The original page is still up online, but this way it’s all more consolidated. Also, I created a little page to highlight some of the one-off comics I’ve drawn and posted here, you can find that right here.

The links on the Comics page have been updated as well, I’m just trying to streamline finding stuff like I said.

– I’ve also added a new section labeled Fiction, where new shorts and shorts I’ve written before and have the rights to will periodically show up to read.  I still do manage to write some non-comic fiction, and felt like being able to showcase it from time to time.  Like I said, it will be a mix of old stuff and new stuff, and I’ll be shuffling stuff around in there.

There’s a story up now, with maybe one new one going up before the end of 2010, no promises.


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