busy days, guest speakers, coffee, and pork chops

Yesterday ended up being quite the whirlwind of a day, with errands,  the dog driving me bonkers, the pest control guy coming by (there’s a mouse somewhere in the kitchen), AND a last-minute save by the water/plumbing dude having to replace our water heater. Our landlord really came through with getting the exterminator here as soon as he could (we let him know on Sunday morning about the mouse) as well as the hot water guy (literally hours after we told him the guy got here), it’s a welcome change from the insanity of trying to get ANYTHING fixed in our old apartment in New York.

The pleasant highlight of the day however came when Tess came with me to one of my classes as a guest speaker, talking about her writing and media studies work. It was really awesome, we had a lot of fun, and my students really enjoyed it. I wanted them to have a chance to hear from someone else who writes regularly and applies being web-savvy and media-savvy to their writing. She talked about her grad studies at The New School, long-distance web-learning, film writing, web journalism, and more.  I always like trying to get interesting and somewhat off-topic stuff going on in my classes, it definitely gets students more relaxed and willing to listen and engage.

As I sit here sipping black coffee, slowly going cold, on a day off (a day off from work, not from errands and writing/drawing), I’m reminded that my Polar Bear Plunge for the Special Olympics in Ohio is this weekend! I’m stoked to have gotten to raise money for this cause, not to mention fulfill a personal to-do of getting to participate in a Polar Bear Club dive.  I don’t know why, I’ve just always wanted to dive into a body of water to swim in the middle of winter, though the surprisingly and unseasonably-warm central Ohio weather means it’ll actually be above freezing. Boo-hoo. Thanks to everyone who donated and spread the word, pictures and hopefully video will be coming next week after the dive.

Anyway, stay tuned for photographic proof of that, as well as more CD and comic reviews, essays, and me complaining about hanging art and having to package up art to mail through the devilishly devious USPS.

Stay posi!


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