Something very cool

Just so you know, I found out yesterday that Dan Sinker, the founder of one of my favorite ‘zines PUNK PLANET (and currently web guru extraordinaire and web journalism 2.0 professor), was the man behind @MayorEmanuel, the Twitter parody account poking fun/simultaneously worshiping the bad-assery of Rahm Emmanuel, the current new mayor of Chicago.

c/o Flickr

One of the weirdest newer pieces of web parody and political satire I’ve seen these days, it’s a little surreal to find out it’s actually someone I actively follow through the Web, a writer/journalist/editor I intensely respect and who’s always been cool to me the few times I’ve talked to him through the Web.

It’s totally cool and awesome to see Dan getting a shit-ton of coverage all over the news outlets this morning.  I spent my breakfast (black coffee and oatmeal, for those interested) reading a bunch of it, and the response is overwhelmingly very positive.  As one piece (I think it was The Atlantic one, I can’t remember) brought up, politics is indeed a brutal and ugly scrap where people fight while “wearing their Sunday best”, something that until now the press doesn’t really acknowledge.

The last time I seriously saw that element of politics, journalism, and satire all brought together was the last time I read Hunter S. Thompson’s “Fear & Loathing On The Campaign Trail ’72” (which I do about once a year).

Anyway, I just wanted to do a little mention of this because hey, I really fucking loved PUNK PLANET and I really like following interesting journalism and media projects (based on my own pithy freelance writing and journalism experience and low levels of composition teaching experience).

You should dig into Dan’s various projects if you haven’t already.


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