What’s What

A couple of things;

* I mailed out my contribution for the Team Cul De Sac fundraising effort, not to mention that I officially signed off on clearing it, so it’s officially now in the hands of the publishers and people behind Team Cul De Sac.  It sort of just hit me in the past few days when the paperwork came that this is one of the bigger comic-related things I’ve participated in really.  Kind of excited.

* As part of my “write longer, write less, write better, write only about what you LIKE” attitude these days, I have a few nice long CD reviews/essays over at Fistfight At The Arthouse.  They’re different from the way I used to write CD reviews but like I said, I’ve been writing stuff a lot differently these days and tend to focus less on creating quotes for press or being critical.  Instead I’m writing about what I like, why I like it in particular (biases and flaws and all!), as well as what it makes me think about.  The feedback so far’s been positive, so I’ll probably be keeping this up.

* I just confirmed my first ever teaching conference, a one-day conference in April I’m attending with a few coworkers from one of of the colleges I teach at.  It’s a little nerdy but I’m excited to be attending an event like this as an educator, I’ve worked them from the other side of the tables when I was an administrator, but now that I’m an educator and starting to immerse myself more and more into that “world”, it’ll be interesting.  I can’t wait.

* Waffles is still up and changing position in the listings daily in the contest going on over at The Cartoonist Studio, which you should vote in for me.  Just register and then search for each Waffles strip going up each week, and you can vote more than once, just take 6 hours in between.  It’s pretty cool, so vote for me A LOT. Even though I doubt that I’ll get far honestly because there’s actually some really nice other comics in this contest, it’s still nice to be in the running.

* We’ve got about 95% of all our art up on the walls of our house finally, after being here since September. That includes our Bill Plympton piece, some signed comic and comic-related artwork I have, and a movie poster signed by various cast members.  Thank God for cheap-as-shit but durable frames bought off of the Internet, all I can say.

See you around the spaceport, cowboys and cowgirls.


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