A bit of a downer, but we all move on

So me and my comic Waffles didn’t get past the first round of the contest going on at The Cartoonist Studio.

It’s certainly a bummer, but whatever.  I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t get that far into the contest, I just enjoyed the opportunity to take part and keep putting my name out there in the ranks of amateur cartoonists and comic writers.

On the plus side, I’m taking this as an opportunity to remind you that if you’re ever interested in seeing Waffles, a little project I occasionally go to to create strips in the spirit of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, I just revamped the Tumblr page I set up for the comic right here.

I’m throwing up a few explanations of each strip out of my notes, at least for the newer ones.  Hopefully it works in creating a good-looking little home for my C&H ripoff project.

Like I said, I occasionally go back to the comic, it was the first testbed I had for new art and design experimenting in making my comics. For all I know I might end up saying “fuck it!” and take a break from my current comic project to crank out a Waffles page.  We’ll see.


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