hard at work…kinda

So I’m thumbnailing as I write my latest comic project, working on going from this;

To this;

From here, I’ll combine this with the elements of script that I have, plus a few notes scattered around my notebooks, to get the final actual pages.

As I’m learning, writing AND drawing long-form comics all by yourself is a lot harder than just writing comics or doing smaller/shorter strips. Seriously, while I knew it would be different from my previous stuff, it’s nothing like I thought it’d be. Traditional scriptwriting-then-drawing’s kind of gone out the window at this point, I’m in the middle of a frantic mess of multiple notebooks and Google Docs, making up the “process” as I go along.

This latest project probably won’t even end up being as long as I initially thought, but it’ll still be way longer and more story-driven than anything I’ve ever done by myself before.  We’ll see how this goes.


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