Some more Team Cul De Sac stuff


c/o Richard Thompson 2011 (


If you’re interested, you can preview a variety of the contributions to the TEAMFOX/Team Cul De Sac fundraising book over at the official Team Cul De Sac artblog.  I feel very humbled being amongst such an awesome collection of other cartoonists getting together for this project.  I don’t know when mine will show up there (if it does, because who knows how many awesome contributions they got!), but when I find out I plan on letting everyone know. The best way to keep track of that is following me on Twitter.

I’ve also contributed to a little ‘zine being put together, the profits of which are going to go towards the Team Cul De Sac project as a charitable contribution.  A very awesome dude named Craig Fisher is putting the ‘zine together, to debut at the upcoming HeroesCon in North Carolina in June.

the ‘zine is a collection of short essays by various cartoonists and comic critics about their Favorite Comics.

I’ll be seriously surprised if someone can’t figure out what mine’s about.

After the con, Craig will start setting up a way to sell the ‘zine online and at other cons, but for now though the first run will be going directly towards donating to Team Cul De Sac and research and awareness about Parkinson’s.  I’m honestly stoked on life to get a chance to contribute to THAT project as well.

Once I know more about the art book, the art auction, and the ‘zine post-HeroesCon, I’ll let everyone know. Until then though, go read a copy of Little Neuro!


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