monster movies/monster comix

Tessa and I went out for beers and delicious pub food last night for her birthday.  The menu was amazing, we had bratwurst sandwiches, sliders, potato pancakes, 4-cheese mac-n-cheese, local IPA’s and Sierra Nevada beers, topped with chocolate cake.

Then, we came home to watch “”C.H.U.D.” and attempt to digest all that food. CANNIBALISTIC HUMANOID UNDERGROUND DWELLERS!

I drew this in my sketchbook.  Well actually, it’s Post-Its stuck into pages of my sketchbook;

I know actual comics comics are slow coming these days, but I’m trying to work a bunch of things at once right now that include a trip to NY at the end of the week for a few days, but after that, I’ve got a more stable few weeks to dedicate to a solid schedule of drawing and posting actual comic pages. Until then, it’s mostly sketchbook pages I photograph with my camera phone or manage to scan.


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