late-night blitz

Took a few hours out of last night to sit at the desk and just draw stuff. It felt good being at the drawing table with the pens (I feel so sorry for my Prismacolor 05 black technical pen…I put it through the ringer with all the work I make it do).

I didn’t even go to anything I have thumbnailed WAITING to be drawn, I just dug into my backlog of sketchbook stuff and found a few things to formally draw. So…

There’s a new Waffles;

This is what’s hopefully the first of many one-panel “gag” comics I’m starting;

I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to constantly increase my output, even on days when I have no comics to post or just can’t bring myself to draw, and I figured if I’m going to try to post one-off strips and sketches, I might as well try doing one-panel “gags” as well to help me as sort of cartooning/writing exercises.  We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, lots to do so this is it for me this week, see you guys soon!


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