It feels too early to be this active, but…

Hey, there’s a new one-panel gag comic up, check it out!

This one’s a little awkward just because of the height, and trying to make it fit best and meld w/the rest of the comics on the portfolio site best in terms of size/perspective.

Other than that I’m pretty OK with this one, it’s yet another all-brush comic, minus a few straight lines and crosshatching.  Rewarded myself afterwords with some old-fashioned ginger soda and a box of Nerds.  The candy.

I’ve been trying to blog and post art and comics every day or every other day.  My resolve came before Phil McAndrew’s blog post, which has been making the rounds on the Internet for the past few days, but it’s in the same vein of trying to always have fresh content to show off your work and attract people to your art, because the Internet really is an awesome way to get your comics out there when you’re small-fry like me.

Anyway, I’m teaching through the summer, I have a wedding to go to, friends and more traveling, so I got to get back to work.  Tune in tomorrow for more probably, and later, losers!


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