Get your AM comics blog dump on…

Morning.  LOTS OF COMICS IN THIS POST!  First off…

I tried something new with the latest Waffles comic I did.  I inked almost the entire thing with a brush, with the Pentel instead of my usual Prismacolor 05 pen, which is what I will use to draw just about everything.

So here’s the new one, also available at the regular Waffles site;

Oh, and here’s the last one I did that I didn’t post here, just alluded to it;

Last night there was an insane thunderstorm, which for some reason inspired me to sit around, watch TV, and sketch;

I’m moderately obsessed with Breathed’s work.

This dude just came to me.

I drew this on a scrap of paper a week or so ago…it’s a a comic about my dad.  I love my dad, but this is pretty much what goes on in the house I grew up in.  Click to embiggen;

…OK, that’s a lie, this is just a small part of it.  Still, this is a serious joke that’s been making the rounds in my family since I was a teenager.

Okay, I have stuff to draw and some lesson plans to write, so back to getting chained to the desk/computer.


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